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We are ready to be your Best Friend In


We are ready to be your Best Friend In


Welcome to our Services that has been created for your Success!

Our Story began when Irshad Hasan Founded the Company back in 2004 and the motive was to eliminate the brokers or any 3rd party from any campaign to deliver the best to the clients what they paid for.

Fast Forward almost a decade, while expanding to multiple verticals, we have never lost the quality of what is important for us and to the Clients: Create Connect and Convert.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific call center requirements and design a solution that meets those needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your ROI, decrease your CPA, boost sales, or streamline your operations, our call center solutions team can help

That’s why we offer Growth-Marketing services that are designed to help businesses grow and thrive. Our growth marketing approach, which we call H.E.R.A (Hypothesis, Experiment, Report, and Analyze), is data-driven and structured.

How Can We Help You?

We’ve been in the game for almost 20 years, and we’ve got you covered!

Let our team of marketing technologies lend a helping hand and boost your business like a Rocket. Our propriety platforms find the best quality calls – calls that convert. Our agents are almost the engineers and know your product and services and do every possible thing to meet your filters and expectations. We know what is important for our clients and their priorities. We are a company with great passion to offer our clients “One-Stop-Solution” that increases the ROI. Our campaigns are customized; we commit to meet or exceed the goals of every campaign we run, and we stand behind our campaigns and guarantee any CPPPT (or other metrics) agreed upon. If you win, we WIN.

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